How To Get Geovison 8.54 and Geovision Technical Support

Geovision is one of the leading names when it comes to security cameras. They’ve got end to end products from cameras to DVRs to NVR software for DVR cards. Geovision makes it all. That said, it can be frustrating finding a location for the latest Geovision software. You’d assume that it would be on it’s site, and it is, but it’s difficult to get access to if you don’t know what you’re doing. The first thing to know about when you’re dealing with Geovision is that they do not support the end user. They want your distributor, or the person you bought the camera/device from, to do the technical support. This can be frustrating as there are not a lot of technical support people who know Geovision like the back of their hand. All that said, let’s get into familiarizing ourselves with Geovision.


Geovision has two main websites*:

* For USA Customers

The main advantage here is the the USA site does have chat support available sometimes. They are not always available and sometimes you have to check back until they are available. You can check if it’s up and working by clicking on the Live Help button in the middle right of the screen. You’ll be prompted to enter a few items such as your name, e-mail, which department you need to speak with, and your initial question. I’ve provided a screenshot to let you know where exactly I’m talking about. Just look for the red box.


You can request a download from one of their representatives or they can send you a CD. Also, there are a couple other websites that you should know about for the purposes of getting support, help, or downloads.

Very important to know is where the Software and Utilities download site is. This site isn’t for the NVR software itself, but it is for the tools, patches, etc that will help you once you get it installed. You can find these under Downloads > Software and Utility on the site. This should open up a forum with downloads.

Finally, here are the methods of getting the NVR software.

  • Request a download from a Live Chat agent.
  • Make a request on the Geovision site here: Geovision 8.54
  • Call their sales or technical support line. The technical support number is: +1-949-583-1519
  • If you’re not in the USA check out their Contact Us site, via their Taiwan site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Geovision download is SLOW. When they give you the download it’s via an FTP site and it can take up to 6 hours to download. You’ll want to start this before you leave the office one day. Once you have it, make sure to store it on a network drive and a CD for future use.

I hope this helped to get you to the places and people in Geovision that will help you get your software, patches, sites, and technical support.

What’s your biggest hurdle in getting a hold of Geovision? What do you think would make the process better or easier? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you!

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